Institution Milestones to Supporting Working Parents at HMS

1976JCSW pens a report on establishing daycare in the Longood Medical Area (LMA)
1979JCSW distributes a survey to determine day care needs in the LMA
1982Longwood Medical Area Childcare Center (LMA CCC) opened onsite childcare at Simmons College
1985JCSW distributes a survey to determine the need for an Office of Work and Family
1986Office of Work and Family Opens
1992LMA CCC moved to current MASCO building and was available to employees of BWH, DFCI, Simmons, Joslin Diabetes, Harvard Longwood Campus, and MASCO
1993JCSW supports revision of the 11 years to tenure rule to allow for one extra year for every child born for up to two years.
1994JCSW opens the first of several HMS quad mothers' rooms
1999Bright Horizons and MASCO signed a contract to provide guaranteed slots to Harvard Longwood Campus, DFCI, BCH and BWH
2003JCSW initiates HMS Maternity Leave policy
2005Family Parental Leave Pilot launches
2011JCSW hosts a Childcare Summit
2011Harvard Longwood Campus Work/Life Programs were created as a result of the Childcare summit
2013The JCSW was instrumental in developing the LMA Family Childcare Network with 100% MASCO funding of the 3-year pilot. This program was for DFCI, BWH, BCH, HMS, HSPH and BIDMC faculty, staff, postdocs, nurses, and residents.