Community Engagement

Community Engagement Committee Co-Chairs for AY22-23
Lilit Garibyan, MD, PhD
Joanna Korecka-Roet, PhD
Michaela Tally, MAT

Strategic Planning Goals:

  • Onboarding for new JCSW members:
    • Create a brief ‘Welcome to the JCSW’ packet to give to new members with information about the subcommittees and priority areas (perhaps a copy of this Strategic Plan!)
    • Assign new members a “buddy” who will meet them at their first JCSW meeting, introduce them to others, and generally help them feel comfortable
    • Give new members contact information for the co-chairs of the new subcommittee they have joined
    • Give subcommittee chairs the names of all potential new subcommittee members so chairs can reach out ahead of meetings to welcome new members
  • Appoint JCSW ambassadors for each institution who will:
    • Maintain connections with their institute’s professional development office and keep that office informed about JCSW programs and workshops
    • Be the point person at that affiliate for any potential new JCSW members
  • Targeted membership to: post-docs, women of color, staff and institutions that are not strongly represented in JCSW – work with different affinity groups in these areas, as well as the appropriate deans.
  • Create a member directory that includes information about hospital affiliation and identifies if the member is a JCSW ambassador and/or past leader
  • Public Relations:
    • Ensure that our programs and achievements are broadcast more widely
    • Emphasize that the JCSW is an inclusive space
  • Connect with the hospitals and member institutions – what would you ask of the JCSW to address? How can we work together? How do we turn our de-centralization into strength?
  • Enhance the JCSW website to ensure that information is up-to-date and accurate, and that meeting dates and times are easily accessible. The member directory and list of JCSW Ambassadors should also be made accessible on the website.
  • Generate document detailing “best practices” for producing diverse programs / policies

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