Dr. Shirley G. Driscoll

March 21, 2018
Shirley Driscoll
Dr. Shirley Driscoll, the first faculty chair of the Joint Committee on the Status of Women, died on Feb. 24 at the age of 95. Dr. Driscoll was Emeritus Professor of Pathology at HMS and our 6th female professor. She was appointed Chief of Pathology at the Boston Hospital for Women, Lying-in Division, in 1978.  Dr. Driscoll achieved international recognition in the field of placental, perinatal and reproductive pathology and added significantly to concepts of fetal disease, inherited disorders, and mechanisms of transplacental disease.  To read more about Dr. Driscoll's amazing contributions, visit https://cms.www.countway.harvard.edu/wp/?p=4084. You may access Countway's Oral Histories with Dr. Driscoll here http://collections.countway.harvard.edu/onview/items/show/6015 
and http://collections.countway.harvard.edu/onview/items/show/6001
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