2015 Apr 02

    JCSW Meeting: Salary Equity Symposium: An expert panel's views on best practices



    Gordon Hall Waterhouse Room

    Nancy J. Tarbell, M.D.
    Dean for Academic and Clinical Affairs, Harvard Medical School

    Panel members:
    Edward Benz Jr., M.D.
    President and Chief Executive Officer Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

    Phyllis Carr, M.D.
    Visiting Professor of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

    Christine Knowles
    Executive Director of the Boston Women’s Workforce Council

    Evelyn Murphy, Ph.D.
    President, WAGE Project

    2014 Dec 04

    JCSW Meeting: Renée Richardson Gosline, DBA



    Gordon Hall Waterhouse Room


    Renée Richardson Gosline, DBA
    Zenon Zannetos (1955) Career Development Professor
    Assistant Professor
    Management Science, Marketing
    MIT Sloan School of Management

    Ideas about perceptions of role incongruity and competency in the workplace as well as personal branding and leadership strategies, particularly within the academic and clinical context.


    2014 Mar 03

    JCSW Meeting: Effective Negotiation Skills



    Gordon Hall Waterhouse Room

    Melissa Brodrick, MEd, Ombudsperson, Harvard Medical School, 
    Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health